About TakeIn

Great local food is treasure reminding why we love home and travel. It expresses culture, community, and identity; tells time, place, and season.

TakeIn is unearthing a new world of fresh local food options and placing them at your fingertip. We leverage technology to assist unlimited numbers of local food producers offer you new types of culinary adventure, experience, control, economy, and convenience.

Our mission is to democratize food production and help millions of people build local food businesses that support families and enrich communities.

Our vision is the world's greatest public market: unlimited by time, space, or number of local producers. So you can truly TakeIn everything local—everywhere you go. Welcome local food Renaissance.

Who we are?

We are committed entrepreneurs with a passion for lifting others. We cherish culture and helping to create community. And we love to eat fresh local food, everywhere we go.

Meet the Team

  • Shaheen Javadizadeh - CEO / co-founder

    • Developed over $850M in value for:
      • WoltersKluwer, DataCert, Mitratech, & WorldClique
    • Experience in working with Investors –
      • Private Equity - HGGC, JMI Equity, SSM Partners, and Vista Equity
      • Bankers- Moreland Partners, Marks Baughan and Evercore
  • Reza Shahbazi – CTO / co-founder

    • Statups – GRiDD Technologies, NextVR
    • Enterprise Software Architect – Mitratech, Aaxis Group, Shopzilla, and Toyota Financial Services
  • Ryan William Nohea Garcia - VP / co-founder

    • Attorney and entrepreneur
    • Led projects in consumer goods, telecom, and defense.