Vuejs Frontend Developer

TakeIn is building consumer web app using Vuejs.

The Vuejs Frontend Developer creatively develops new features and improvements for This team member works closely with the UI/UX designers to build flexible browser-based customer experiences that are easy to understand.


  • Develop core front-end components for fast, scalable web applications using Vuejs and related frameworks like Vuex, etc
  • Collaborate closely with technical, analytical and product teams to execute on an aggressive product road map
  • Build and launch software products with the highest bar of quality and velocity


  • 2+ years experience frontend technologies like Vuejs, React or Angular.js
  • Must have HTML/CSS3/SASS practices that support responsive design, progressive enhancement, SEO best practices, W3C and accessibility standards across both desktop and mobile web
  • Have experience with Firebase (Authentication and Firestore)
  • Experience building and launching products at a consumer scale
  • Strong track record of continuously improving great software
  • Ability to thrive in small team environments
  • Experience with at least one modern back-end technology (JavaScript/Node.js, PHP, Ruby, etc.)
  • Significant experience consuming web APIs to power front-end systems
  • Passion for great design, UI/UX and data visualization
  • Solid understanding of both NoSQL and relational database engines
  • Strong knowledge of *nix operating systems

Please submit your resume to